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Welcome to Bob Burns - Awnings Hackham South Australia

Bob Burns - Awnings Hackham - A must in South Australia's climate to repel heat and light. For those who want to protect against the heat but retain outside views, don't look past our sunscreen fabric range. Made from nylon, sunscreen is a specially woven fabric that reflects the UV rays but will not restrict your view. Our awnings are available in a similar range of colours and designs as canvas. Sunscreen fabrics will achieve a more modern look on any awning and freshen the look of any home in Hackham SA.

Automatic awnings are perfect for ground floor windows and maximise privacy and sun protection, with an awning that neatly rolls away into its head box. Canopy awnings are ideal to protect your windows, doors and entry ways, adding a stylish touch to your home with an awning under-structure made of long-lasting, corrosion resistant aluminium.

Bob Burns - Awnings Hackham has a huge range of Canvas & Shadeview Awnings, Verandah Awnings, Channel-X Awnings, Zip Trak Awnings, Cafe Awnings, and Wire-Guide Awnings. We can also provide motorisation options for your awnings. Explore the range of awnings available using the menu above... or visit our Factory and Showroom to see for yourself.

Canvas & Sunscreen Awnings
At Bob Burns - Awnings Hackham the colour range for outside awnings has improved dramatically and now includes a great range of traditional stripes and contemporary colours. As well as the cotton/polyester canvas with the green backing there are acrylic weaves that show the colours on both sides, giving another alternative.

Verandah Awnings
The simplicity of the Verandah Automatic Awning is an affordable yet effective solution to your outdoor areas. Choose between manual operation or cord and pulley. Add extra stopping heights to maximise the function of your Verandah Automatic Awning.

Available in Canvas or Shade View.

Wire Guide Awnings
The Wire Guide awning from Bob Burns - Awnings Hackham provides a clean modern look to your outside window. The Wire Guide operates smoothly on stainless wire and can be fitted with a standard or enclosed powder coated hood. The Wire Guide is available in both crank or motorised operations and is ideal for multi story buildings but also affectively protects your home from the sun. Available in canvas or shade view fabrics.

Phantom Screens
Phantom Screens fit virtually anywhere, require minimal space, and enhance the beauty and comfort of any home. They provide all the practical conveniences of conventional screens without compromising the integrity of a home's design. Phantom Screens are an innovative awning solution for discerning homeowners, designers, architects, and builders who wish to realise their best creative insights. Bob Burns - Awnings Hackham have a wide variety of popular awning designer colours and styles to coordinate with the individual decor of your home. With their unique design they're there when you need them and invisible when you don't.

Commercial Awning Services
Bob Burns Commercial Awnings offers dedicated support to the Construction, Hotel and the Healthcare sectors. From initial awning design advice through to effective supply and installation its expert team are able to provide a holistic service. With a track record of working to find the correct awning solution with developers, builders, architects and interior designers Bob Burns - Awnings Hackham is the answer to your project's awning requirements in Hackham SA.

Bob Burns - Awnings Hackham Product Care
By using the correct cleaning and maintenance techniques you will protect your awning investment and have great-looking awnings for many years to come. Different techniques apply for the correct measuring production and installation of awnings. To see a full description of the various awnings and product care available, please click on the tab above.

Canvas and Shadeview Awnings:

  • Remove dust of your awnings by brushing the fabric with a soft bristle brush. An occasional hosing will remove any dust and ingrained dirt.
  • NEVER scrub at the awning fabric and never use soap, bleach, solvents or cleaning fluids as these may damage the coating on the awning fabric.
  • Extensive cleaning of canvas over a period of time may affect the fabric's ability to repel water, resulting in the need to reproof with a mildew inhibited wax based agent.
  • Store, pack or roll up the fabric only when the awning is dry as moisture and dirt can encourage mould growth regardless of the fabric's composition.

Bob Burns - Awnings Hackham provides a free awnings measure and quote service to all suburbs. A highly qualified sales consultant will bring the extensive range of samples allowing you to browse in the comfort of your own home. For a free measure and quote please call 8374 2999 or have a chat with a Bob Burns Awnings sales consultant for further information.

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